Your workflow your way

User defined intelligence

With WFS ‘User-Defined Intelligence’ you are in control. You define your business workflow processes.

The WFS advanced ‘User-defined workflow’ tool:

  • Seamlessly matches system functionality to business processes
  • Supports best practice without the need for costly software development
  • Delivers greater efficiency and improved performance measurement

You create, assign and track items of work generated by event triggers in the system. WFS ‘User-defined workflow tool’ is a step change for the industry in terms of facilitating business process automation and cost efficiency for high volume businesses.

Designed with people in mind

By changing the emphasis from ‘task’ orientation to ‘people’ orientation Sword Apak’s clients benefit from greater efficiency and improved performance measurement, with the system driving user behaviour and automating processes.

You can apply pre-configured workflows to multiple business processes such as collections, credit, document management, title follow-up and payment processing.

The workflow tool, in combination with the WFS business rules engine, automates decisions and process flows based on pre-defined policy and shifting the focus of manual effort towards exception handling.

Wholesale Finance

Rapid Addressing

Rapid Addressing