Automotive Finance

Automotive finance specialists for over 35 years

At Sword Apak, we focus our technology and business insight into meeting the demands of the automotive finance industry. We have over 35 years’ industry experience working with automotive finance companies, manufacturers and importers and their dealer networks.

We’ve got floorplanning covered

The WFS system delivers a comprehensive finance administration service covering:

  • All types of vehicle floorplanning
  • Ancillary products and services to dealers
  • Wide ranging vehicle types from commercial to recreational
  • Traditional unit-based inventory funding combined with an integrated loans module

We’ve got a global outlook

WFS is fully integrated with automotive market infrastructure in many countries to help automate the vehicle funding process and interface seamlessly with:

  • Vehicle vaulation data - cap hpi (UK)
    - Eurotax Glasses Guide (various countries)
    - DAT (Germany)
    - Argus (France)
    - NADA (USA)
    - Black Book (USA)
  • Ancillary products and services to dealers
  • Vehicle finance registers (such as DVLA, Experian, HPI)
  • Vehicle distribution systems and manufacturer order processing systems
  • Dealer management systems (DMS)
  • Auction systems (such as BCA and Manheim)


Wholesale Finance

Rapid Addressing

Rapid Addressing