The £70million investment, from Royal Mail, used by Sword Apak

In 2013, Royal Mail invested in making mail smarter to ensure it worked better for their customers. They invested £70million into their new product, Mailmark™, which aimed to solve issues clients had which illustrated a desire for intelligent mail.

Customers wanted a service that could predict delivery to fall on a certain day, they wanted to be able to integrate the system into their marketing campaigns and strategy, and they wanted insightful reporting that was personal to their data so that they could determine the quality of their address data. And they wanted this for the best value possible. 

The Mailmark™ process in 4 key steps:

  1. A Mailmark™ barcode is added to your mail as it is produced (your Royal Mail account manager can show you how to do this).
  2. The details of your mail are loaded onto an electronic list of your consignments (an eManifest). This is then sent to Royal Mail.
  3. Royal Mail reads the barcodes on the mail and generates reports from it.
  4. The report gets made available via a personal report which provides an exact detailing of what is happening to your mail.

Key features of Mailmark™:

  • Reporting - The reporting feature of Mailmark™ produces online analytics that give an in-depth view of batch level reporting. This includes predicted delivery times, volume and performance and item level error reporting.
  • Configurable eManifest - This allows additional information to be added to your personal eManifest.
  • Mailmark™ is channel neutral (TNT, UK Mail, and Secured Mail are currently developing and offering Mailmark services)
  • Batch functionality - Batches can be used to bundle data into discrete, meaningful groups. Reports can then be taken from this.
  • A test environment is available, and Royal Mail can provide scenarios for customers to test their data.

The key advantages:

  • In 2015, Mailmark™ became the cheapest way to send mail.
  • Mailmark™ can be used as an effective marketing tool. It can produce customer intelligence and responsive mapping, and reporting functionality which can track catalogue mailings and special offers, allowing customers to plan follow up messaging and media integration where appropriate.
  • Mailmark™ enables customers to maximize efficiency around staffing. They can prepare to assign staff according to what mail is landing and when, and they can ensure their teams are prepared for customer responses to features such as special offers and events.

Sword Apak uses Mailmark™ to complement our Address Management products, in order to give our clients the most efficient and cost effective mailing opportunities.

For more information on Mailmark, visit or contact Sword Apak to discover how we can help you optimize your mailing:


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